ICM Solutions Portfolio

ICM America the Right Service PortfolioGet a unique combination of SAP business insight, industry expertise, and technical know-how so you can apply the technology that supports your business strategy and deploy the solutions that deliver business results.

Control cost, identify and avoid project risks, and accelerate return on investment of your IT systems so you can be confident that your IT strategy will lead to business results.

Accelerate the value delivered by business processes and enabling technologies through end-to-end SAP Implementation Portfolios.

ICM Consultancy services include Project Development, Training, Help Desk, and Consultant Staffing.

Solutions at a Glance

ICM America offers many solutions that can be tailored to your needs. They include:


What Business Intelligence did for numbers, Squirro does for content: making unstructured content usable. You get the relevant context directly to your workplace.
Others tell you ‘what’ – Squirro tells you ‘why’.

If you would like further details about our services and solutions or are interested in one of our Solutions please contact us at 610-647-9000, so we can provide you with our experience in finding a solution that meets your needs.

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