SmartCube: BI Infocube Optimizer

The InfoCube is the center of the BI Universe. Let us introduce you to Automated InfoCube modeling and take this manual task from an ‘Art form’ to an ‘engineered science’. Download our whitepaper “Positioning the InfoCube for SAP BI” for optimizing your InfoCubes.

ICM America's experienced BW consultants will guide you through the entire installation and analysis to help you:

  • Improve Query performance
  • Create InfoCubes from DSO/ODS objects
  • Decrease InfoCube footprint for BW Accelerator
  • Decrease remodeling times from 10-25 days to under 1 day
  • Increase process efficiencies
  • Lower Operational Costs ($$$)

If you would like to know more about how ICM can use its experience to improve your BI Cube please contact us at 610-647-9000