S/4 Finance

ICM uses its FICO experience to guide you through the process of upgrading to S/4HANA Finance. We will be your independent adviser through all stages of the process, from Business Case and Architecture, to Blueprinting, Implementation and Support. No matter if you are already on Suite-on-HANA, or this is your first foray into HANA, ICM's experienced consultants will be there for you.

The Universal Journal, introduced in Simple Finance, significantly optimizes and reduces the number of tables, and consequently the database size, for Financials and Controlling. By being on the HANA database, reports and transactions occur in real-time and without stops or lock-outs. These advantages come with potential pitfalls and changes, as is the case with any data migration project. Also, while the database size will shrink, given the cost of HANA Hot DB space, a proper, and up-to-date, archiving strategy and system is a must, to reduce TCO. Let ICM help you through the process and reduce the potential issues that arise in a data migration project, particularly with data cleansing, archiving, ABAP customization and cleanup, and project management.


To learn more about how ICM can help use its experience to help your organization please contact us.