Our Concept:

Fast and easy employing the 80-20 rule

Archiving is the core of ILM (Information Life-cycle Management) strategy and a major aspect of EDM.

You need to define correct retention periods on the different storage media for your documents and Master Data.

From a legal compliance point you also may want to completely delete any data older then the legal retention periods.

ICM has helped many companies successfully define their Retention and EDM policy. We will work with your different departments to define reasonable rules with the help of our experience in your industry.

Archiving is a complex task involving a lot of Basis expertise, as well as every aspect of the functional side of your system. Choosing a partner who has the broad knowledge spanning all the areas is imperative.

With our proven tools and expertise we can help you to solve all your archiving needs promptly and efficiently.

Download our sample archiving assessment.

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