Information Lifecycle Management

ICM’s Experience in SAP IT Operations allows organizations to maximize the potential of their SAP Business Platform, by boosting performance and reducing SAP storage requirements drastically across the Landscape. Even in a well maintained SAP System many options exist to boost performance and reduce storage space:

  • Do you do data archiving on a regular basis?
  • Are you utilizing TDMS to reduce the size of your Q and Dev. System?
  • Are your BI Cubes tuned and optimized?
  • Are all your ABAPs tuned to optimal performance?

Fine tuning system performance and reducing storage space can yield quick and immediate ROI. Decisions to acquire new hardware can be postponed; operations and user satisfaction can be maximized.

ICM America has a track record of improving system performance drastically by utilizing tried and tested ‘Best Practice’ templates. With our 100% senior-level consultants on your side, you are assured of getting your money’s worth – and more.

Adopt a rigorous ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) Strategy

  • Reduce the overall size of your Landscape with TDMS. ICM can set it up and run it for you efficiently
  • Cut out dead wood by archiving promptly. This will boost your performance significantly
  • Fine tune your BI Info cubes. Low usage and duplicate data cost performance and storage space
  • ABAP performance and it’s data access can be a resource hog. Automatically analyze and upgrade with our tools

To learn more about the different steps ICM can help you take to improve your ILM please select one of the links above or contact us directly.