ICM Quality Assurance

A project meets the organizational requirements over a given timeline. Delivered on time and on budget is the warranty provided by ICM’s highly professional and Independent staff. Experienced ICM Consultants are tracking a plan that specifies the requirements, establishes schedules, and executes specifications, design and code requirements.

Ensure your investment quality with ICM Quality Assurance Services performing implementations along your value chain. Maintain excellence across your implementation cycle, during product evaluation, design and development, validation, and finally the launch. Control procurement, production, final inspection, and storage. Continue the improvement throughout sales, distribution, service, and disposal.

After a detailed analysis of your implementation needs, ICM, your trusted and proactive partner, is driven to assure you the quality needed to leverage your SAP IT investment to its fullest potential.

Solution Delivery for SAP Implementations. Making sure your implementation is predictable, on-time, and on-budget to meet your business needs. ICM develops an implementation road-map that guides you in an easy and efficient way along your entire SAP project.

If you would like to know more about how ICM can use its SAP Project experience to assure the quality of your project please contact us.