SAP Consulting Experience

Leveraging and Pioneering SAP’s latest Initiatives

As a committed SAP services partner, ICM helps you get the very best out of your SAP Solutions. For over fifteen years, ICM delivers best practices and is 100% focused on SAP. ICM's Consultants have, on average, more than 7 years of experience in their field, with many having 15 and even 20+ years of experience.

No one knows SAP as ICM does:

  • Develops strategies for success
  • Puts strategies into action, quickly and effectively
  • Leverages best-practice methodologies
  • Maximizes benefits through process optimization


ICM offers proven expertise in SAP Consulting:

SAP Business ApplicationsICM America Offers the Right SAP Solutions

Business Analytics


ICM's approach to EDM

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

ICM America takes a 360º approach to EDM (Enterprise Data Management). This means we are focusing on all areas of EDM. Not just the storage of master data, or only the address cleansing.

Project Experience

If you would like further details about our experience please contact us at 610-647-9000, so we can provide you with our experience in finding a solution that meets your needs.