"The 7 Steps to BW Excellence"

By Hari Guleria, Klaus Heauser, & Alex Paleologoes

Hari Guleria, BW Practice Manager of icm AMERICA publishes 2nd BW book.

A must have book for any company planning to implement BW, for teams that plan a BW implementation, and for resources that implement BW installations.
With this book Hari, the BW practice manager of icm AMERICA, and icm share their vast BW experience towards establishing the 7 most critical success factors for any BW implementation. Increase your success factor by 70% with best practice methodologies and templates.

icm is currently ranked amongst the top 5 global BW Implementers, with 19 offices in Europe and the US, 21 completed BW Implementations, 16 currently under way, and over 500 resources. As a member of the SAP FPS (First Partner Shipment) team, icm has been running and upgrading BW 3.0A since October 2001.. These partners receive the newest release of SAP BW new versions 6 months before the public receives it, there are only 5 such partners in the US. Our book's content will be 6 months ahead of the market knowledge. icm provides its customers the most valuable component in any implementation - experience.

HARI GULERIA is the BW Practice manager with icm AMERICA. He has been implementing BW's since 1997, has 5 BW Implementations under his belt out of which 3 are full life cycles. He regularly speaks at ASUG meetings and is a renowned speaker in the SAP world. Hari comes from a SAP SD and MM background with over 6 years of SAP Implementation experience and over 9 years of IT experience.

Contributing authors: Alex Paleologoes BW Project Manager - EzSAP llc in Greece.
Kurt Goldsmith Senior FI/CO/BW consultant with icm AMERICA and the editor for SAP's FI/CO expert journal
Christian Baesseler Senior SAP BW Basis consultant with icm AMERICA

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