Business Warehouse

Reporting OptionsICM’s Expertise in Business Warehouse allows organizations to maximize the SAP Business Platform and to identify, integrate, and analyze disparate business data from heterogeneous sources. Now with BW-on-HANA this data can be accessed and processed practically in real time, allowing you to get ahead of any trends that develop.

Make sense of huge amounts of data across the enterprise. ICM Business Intelligence will put it to work in an effort to better understand your business, improve your performance, and build stronger employee, customer, and partner relationships.

Companies cannot afford to make business decisions without surgically accurate information.

SAP Business Intelligence lets organizations convert scattered data into strategic advantage. Central to these capabilities is the Business Information Warehouse (BW) – the data staging, holding and reporting tool that integrates data from diverse sources.

ICM America has a track record of improving BW success utilizing tried and tested ‘Best Practice’ templates. And with our 100% senior-level consultants on your side, you are assured of getting your money’s worth – and more. We at ICM call this the “delight factor” – no matter what your implementation or integration requirement, if it has been done – ICM America has done it before and done it right.

Our templates assure fast and repeatable success to BW installations. With a data warehousing team that’s second to none, our vast pool of resources provides connectivity to almost any BW requirement at your site. ICM has successfully integrated SAP BW with SAP ERP, other BW’s, APO, SEM, CRM, and various non-SAP source systems – even Access and Excel flat-files.

ICM America’s Rapid BW Proof of Concept: the Ultimate BW Road Test

70% of your BW success depends on great data modeling. You can’t achieve this without offering your end users a “road test” – an environmentally relevant Proof Of Concept (POC) BW. A POC may contain your production data, with your customers and materials, and business transactions. Most consultancies take three to six months to implement a POC. Small wonder most project managers dread this phase, lest it runs over budget and over time.

ICM has perfected BI prototyping with our ‘Rapid BW POC Implementation.’ This fixed cost and time POC offer subsidizes your success. We’ll have a POC BW (including up to four data targets) operational in six to eight weeks. All costs and time overruns will be absorbed by ICM America.

Don’t leave any nuggets of knowledge in your data mine.

Unlike other DW solutions, BW ships with ‘ready-to-run’ Business Content: generic extractors, InfoCubes, ODS Objects, and queries already built-in. This is the fastest way to understand BW capabilities, and construct a sound BW environment. Not utilizing these capabilities in any BW implementation means you abandon knowledge! We’ll work with you to best match your analytic requirements with existing Business Content. Need more customization? We have excellent knowledge of third-party reporting tools to augment Business Content and Business Explorer.

BW Workshops: Empower your employees for results, and rapid ROI.

ICM is willing to share its global BW expertise with your organization in our highly acclaimed BW workshops. These workshops are customized for specific clients and their requirements. Workshop offerings include:

  • BW Implementation workshop for companies planning to implement BW
  • BW Upgrade Workshop for companies with a production BW, that plan to upgrade for additional functionalities
  • BW Reporting Workshop for companies that need to sift through the various available OLAP options to optimize reporting

Experience keeps us ahead of the success curve.

Empower your business information source with data-warehousing features, reporting and analysis tools, best-practice models and business-analysis applications driven by ICM Experts.

Enhance and extend your existing business content or integrate with third-party analysis and reporting tools.

Please also read our white paper on BI.

To learn more about how ICM can help use its experience to help your organization please contact us.