ICM America the Right Service PortfolioSquirro is the leader in Context Intelligence, combining structured and unstructured data to provide the ‘Why’ behind the data. It’s context that turns disparate data points into a story.

Squirro delivers a personalized, real-time contextual stream from the sea of information directly to your workplace. It’s based on Squirro’s Smart Filter technology connecting personal interests and workflows while learning and refining as user interactions increase.

Squirro combines all the different tools you need to work with unstructured data and enables you to curate a self-learning 360° context radar natural to use in any enterprise system.

'So What?' Achieving this reduces searching time by 90%, significantly cutting costs and allows for better, more effective decision-making.

The highly skilled Swiss team of search experts has been working together for over 10 years to create a precise context intelligence solution.
Squirro: Your Data in Context.

Key value points about Squirro:

  • Squirro allows for better, and more effective decision-making.
  • Squirro combines all unstructured data sources (internal and external) to complement your structured data so that you get the whole story
  • Squirro provides the ‘Why’ behind the data
  • Squirro combines all the different tools you need to work with unstructured data – triggers, filters, bookmark, curate and share
  • Squirro creates a living collection of continuously updated information streams in context of their own personal interests and workflows
  • For business, Squirro integrates with any Business Intelligence or CRM application so you have all – and only – the important information you want when you need it

What does Squirro do:

  • Squirro easily adds much-needed real-time context to your structured data.
  • Squirro delivers unstructured data simply and in real-time in context of the users needs and interests.
  • Squirro combines the structured and unstructured worlds together in harmony to deliver the “why” behind that data.
  • The real-time combination of structured and unstructured data reduces research time by 90%, allowing better and more effective decision-making.
  • Squirro tames the problem of the information explosion with true personalization. He delivers the most relevant content that matches your needs and interests.