Customer Relationship Managment

Your customer is your most valuable asset. Once you have earned their business, responding to their needs is your ongoing contribution to their success. Strong relationships with your customer ensures your own success - lose that trust and your competitor succeeds.

At icm we capitalize on experience - yours and ours

As pioneers of SAP R/3 implementations we pride ourselves on our ability to recognize the unique aspects of our customer’s business and to identify the appropriate solution, considering our own standard of Customer Satisfaction.

We define Customer Relationship Management as the appropriate use of technology to support the process of successfully conducting business. In support of this principle, we use process analysis and planning methodologies that ensure executable, maintainable solutions. We know what works in our industry and we make sure it works for you. Our pride results in partnering with our clients and sharing in the triumph of their long-term success.

ICM is skillful in all pertinent modules as well as HTML, JAVA, and most Internet applications and applets.

We proudly boast expertise in service-oriented industries including Capital Goods, High-Tech, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical.

ICM's approach to CRM implementation

ERP CRM Integration

Think big:

  • interview your customer to identify their critical needs
  • develop a strategic plan for your complete CRM solution
  • select a solution that is extendable, with an incremental road-map

Start small:

  • one step at a time

SAP 360° Customer

Once you've installed SAP you're ahead of the competition.

One of the greatest challenges to customer relationship management is integrating your front office functions with your back office systems. With SAP CRM you don't have to worry about scattered legacy data or data quality - interfaces and data are already defined. SAP is completely web-enabled and ties seamlessly into the vast array of components and solutions offered in the SAP platform.

  • SAP 360° Customer offers a fully-integrated system of CRM, pulling together marketing, social-web, sales, and service as well as all of your existing processes.
  • SAP CRM provides a unique collection of applications that evolve your business into a customer-centric, efficient, profitable establishment.

Mobility. the Cloud. Social Media. Big Data/Analytics. Revolutionary technologies are eliminating traditional barriers between you and your customer. You now have the ability to deliver more personalized service than ever before. Proportionately, they expect a greater individualized customer experience. To meet this unparalleled demand, you need more than a collection of tools and techniques. You need to align your people, your processes and your technologies with the needs of your customer.

You and your customer share equally in the benefits of CRM

CRM unites sales, marketing and service, giving your enterprise a consistent, synchronized view of customer requirements. This insightful approach provides the ability to personalize offerings based on your customer's requirements and preferences as well as your ability to accurately anticipate their needs.

With CRM you are able to demonstrate consistency across all customer touch points resulting in more efficient response to ever-changing customer and market demands. The payoff is higher per-customer orders and repeat orders via cross selling, with the added benefit of increased employee satisfaction as a result of providing exceptional product and service on demand.

The ROI of integrated CRM is greater profitability coupled with reduced operating costs due to efficient execution. Added to higher productivity, increased customer loyalty and an expanded customer base.

With the information available in a well-tailored CRM, you can accurately measure marketing performance and develop better segmentation in order to effectively target customers. The ability to be flexible and responsive to changing markets will allow you to develop product and service based on market needs, promoting customer confidence in your vision.

To learn more about how ICM can help use its experience to help your organization please contact us.