ICM Integration

ICM integrates company-specific solutions with both SAP and non-SAP solutions. As a result, you can connect systems and processes throughout the enterprise and optimize the value of your technology investments.

Organizations that make use of different existing applications across the value chain face the need to create a more efficient business model by harmonizing processes, data, systems and hardware. This means that the processes, logic, and data supported by Business Applications have to be maintained, used, and made available for use by other applications.

Expertise in tools

  • XI, Portals, Tibco

Expertise in Methodologies

  • Integrating Platforms
  • Integrating Teams
  • Assessments

ICM Integration enables business to perform better and more efficient by linking Business Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with all mission critical enterprise functions. ICM integrates SAP Application Components within an entire application suite and the data interchange between customers and suppliers. Value-added networks enable distributed organizations to gain time and lower the cost of data exchange.

ICM Integration Service enables support for custom process design and execution across varied and special applications that support unique industry, market, or business operation processes.

Integration Needs

  • SAP with other SAP Solutions
  • SAP with non-SAP Solutions
  • Business Applications Software with other related technologies

Integration Challenges

  • Make company processes efficient
  • Leverage ROI and Reduce TCO
  • Give dynamic sense to the value chain
  • Capability to look up straggling and distinct data in the system
  • Support all related processes

If you would like to know more about how ICM can use its experience to help you with integration project, please contact us.