ICM Project Management

ICM Experts provide proven leadership and know-how of best practices and successful project management methodologies. Managing an SAP implementation project with leading ICM Experts will accelerate the project delivery and increase the return of your IT investment.

SAP Projects can be optimized by providing guidelines and strategy based on proven methodologies, applying regular project overviews, continuous scoping, and high-level risks costs analysis. Thereafter definitions of human resources, communication, and procurement plans and then Support and Training requirements.

ICM Project Management contain 2 key specific services for successfully SAP Implementation Projects

Project Management Needs

  • Best practices and successful applied methodologies
  • Affront organizational changes that affect distributed units
  • Dealing with complex SAP IT landscaped
  • New functionalities
  • New releases
  • Integrate custom-developed applications
  • Proof of concept plan before full-scale deployment
  • Ensure a successful and long-term operation
  • Incorporate specific needs and tailored implementation

Project Management Challenges

  • ROI Analysis
  • TCO Analysis
  • Project overviews
  • Risks and costs Analysis
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Cost-effective and timely implementation
  • Business Performance Improvement

If you would like to know more about how ICM's SAP Project Management experience can help you with your next project please contact us.