ABAP Optimizer

If you are a company that has a lot of custom ABAP programs or outsource ABAP development then you need to audit the programs for upgrades, SOX, cGMP, internal Audits and fundamental standards compliance. ICM's experienced ABAP Architects, using RapidPro, will be able to provide you with the knowledge and insight to gain the following benefits:

Conversion to HANA

  • Rewrite ABAP for:
    • Efficiencies for HANA DB
    • S/4 Compatibility
    • Migration to S/4
  • HANA-tizing ABAP code into CDS views, AMDPs, and HANA SPs
  • Eliminate harmful & unused secondary indexes, to optimize for HANA DB


  • Automation of ABAP improvement
  • Eliminate Human Errors
  • Enhance code Quality
  • Automate standards checks
  • Improve Performance
  • Lower Operational Costs

Customer quote

“.... the two ABAP programs that were optimized show a 40% and 46% improvement in run times. This program improvement has been realized without altering performance parameters like buffer settings or creating additional indexes etc. The functionality of the revised programs has been validated and it has been 100% preserved…”
‐ Shunji Watanabe, Kubota Engines, IL, USA

For SAP Suites (Any ABAP code)

  • Eliminate coding inefficiencies
    Improve existing ABAP code Optimize long running programs rapidly
  • Create high level coding document
    Easy to understand ABAP documentation
  • Review ABAP standards compliance
    Pinpoint code segments for deviations
  • Document ABAP compliance to standards
    Rapidly check offshore ABAP code Revalidate SOX, GMP compliance
  • Mass improve ABAP in batch mode
    5% improvement in 20 programs is better than 50% improvement in 1 program
  • Optimize secondary indices
    Enhance group of programs automatically Eliminate needless indices (non-HANA DBs)
  • Rapid check for outsourced Code
    Rapidly check outsourced code compliance
  • ABAP Documentation tool
    Simplified ABAP coding documentation Comprehend complex code easily Document ABAP for SOX, GMP audit
  • Optimize table buffer settings
    Improve performance of app servers Improve database performance

RapidPro Products

Rapid Upgrade Convert existing ABAP programs automatically. Drag & drop ABAP programs, tool provides ABAP code, upgraded to S/4-HANA
Rapid Scape Output core logic of large ABAP programs for easier comprehension. Excellent ABAP documentation tool
Rapid Optimizer Enhance existing ABAP programs automatically. Drag & drop ABAP programs, tool provides optimized ABAP
Rapid Buffer Automate optimization of buffer settings on database tables for enhanced performance
Rapid Check Identify potential inefficiencies & breaches to coding standards in custom ABAP programs. Rapidly check for ABAP Standard compliance.

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