System Landscape Optimization


A firm that can quickly adapt to market changes has a tremendous advantage over its competitors. With the right approach, a growing number of leading firms have made the most of IT strategy, SAP initiatives, investments, and innovative operational processes to transform the way in which they manage their businesses—and in so doing, have achieved world-class performance through business technology transformation.


Addressing change requires increasingly flexible IT structures. At ICM we have pioneered a method that enables change by delivering the necessary tools to examine, document, and organize the complex data models and thousands of associated tables found in SAP systems. The result is a clear landscape structure of the SAP environment that gives clarity to executives accountable for adapting systems in an ever changing corporate environment.


Today’s firms must align their system to business needs. Many companies address information technology management difficulties without properly understanding their current-state SAP environment. Without this understanding, companies cannot adequately plan forward. These companies unwittingly lay the groundwork for expensive problems in the future, including increased costs and declining company performance.

The ICM SLO method and Workbench provide the tools to understand the current state of your SAP landscape quickly and cost-effectively. ICM SLO promises maximum flexibility in a fraction of the time, helping you to effectively transform your business.

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