KGS Archiving

KGSKGS’ SAP product portfolio is comprised of high-performance archives, information lifecycle management, document capturing, and fully automated archive migration tools.

Document Archiving Advantage

Customers benefit from the SAP know-how, and the mature product portfolio of KGS, which represents an attractive alternative to traditional SAP document archiving and management offerings.
Their successful business model relies on:

  • A unique product philosophy that streamlines the entire system landscape
  • Highly effective software products that are ready for instant operation
  • Fast and qualified support services

High Level of SAP Expertise

KGS generally develops its solutions with a strong focus on SAP, addressing the needs of companies that use SAP as the top-level system and draw on the functions and system environments delivered by SAP. KGS is able to do so owing to its outstanding level of SAP expertise. KGS is a SAP AG certification partner for ArchiveLink® and BC ILM interface certifications! More than 60% of all ArchiveLink-certified archive systems across the globe use KGS components.

Direct SAP Connection without any Additional Server Systems and Databases

KGS ContentServer4Storage is a middleware that directly links up with SAP, and as opposed to traditional archive and DMS systems, no additional database and server systems are required. When combined with a storage system such as, e.g., NetApp, legally compliant archiving becomes possible without the need to run additional archive systems (‘third-party landscapes’).

Comprehensive Product Range

KGS complements its product range by offering other software products developed according to the same principle and philosophy.

The KGS Product Portfolio

KGS ContentServer4Storage

—high-performance universal platform-independent archiving solution for archiving of any content, especially SAP, developed with the needs of the end user in mind.

KGS Migration4ArchiveLink

—Controlled management of document and data migrations for SAP archives

KGS DocumentRouter

—Middleware for importing documents from any source to SAP

KGS ScanClient

—High-performance ScanClient, controlled directly from the SAP GUI

KGS ScanServer

—Facilitates the rapid and intuitive management of scan client profiles and scan licenses in a centralized manner


—Extension of SAP ArchiveLink® to attribution and SAP-independent access

KGS SAPLink Interface

—Allows SAP-certified middleware, ECM- , archive- and DMS providers to enhance their solutions to SAP ArchiveLink® and connect to SAP. 

KGS H5 Viewer

—Browser-based viewer with annotation function

KGS WebService

—SOAP WebService for accessing ECM/DM/archiving systems via ArchiveLink®

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