Overview, MDM Strategy, and MDM Execution

Master Data Management Overview

Transform Your Data Landscape with Comprehensive Master Data Management

Are you struggling with a fragmented system landscape, disparate data silos, outdated legacy applications, and accessibility challenges? We’ll collaborate with your organization to establish a comprehensive MDM (Master Data Management) strategy tailored to unlock the full potential of your data. By integrating an MDM solution that aligns with your business needs and smoothly connects with SAP and other third-party providers, we provide the tools required to manage your master data efficiently and cohesively. Our expertise covers all facets of MDM, ensuring seamless navigation through every phase of your master data journey. With ICM America, experience a faster and more convenient transition to SAP S/4HANA, empowering your business for the future.

Master Data Management: 25 Years of Expertise for Your Success

Fully customizable solutions & tools

Our team works with you to address your unique needs and challenges through leading tools and technologies.

High-quality, reliable data

Reduced errors and duplications in your data thanks to cleansing, harmonization, enrichment, and optimization.

Quicker results

Streamlined, automated data archiving, retrieval, and maintenance processes. Access or process the information you need faster.

Experienced SAP consulting partner

Seasoned experts in the SAP ecosystem to make sure you get maximum benefit out of your SAP system landscape.

Maximum security & accessibility

Security and storage solutions for historical and operational data that remain accessible until the end of their legal retention periods.

Smaller data footprint

Historical information can be archived and compressed to reduce data storage, while the data in your live system is kept continuously lean.

Greater compliance

Be fully compliant with the latest data protection regulations such as the EU GDPR and Canadian PIPEDA.

Faster ROI with SAP S/4HANA

Reduced maintenance and operational effort, fewer legacy systems, lower operating costs, and 24/7 availability all yield significant ROI.

Vast partner network

ICM America works with innovative technology partners from around the world to leverage cutting-edge technologies ranging from data migration, cloud infrastructure, smart MDG, and visualization to security, authentication, and lean supply chain solutions. Together we deliver an overall solution that will drive even greater value from your SAP ecosystem or other ERP system environment.

We work with leading data migration partners to support and advise you on the most suitable tools to use, customized to your unique situation.

Master Data Management Strategy

Why do you need a master data management strategy?

A master data management (MDM) strategy is vital for maintaining data consistency, ensuring compliance, enhancing efficiency, and improving the customer experience. By centralizing data management, it reduces errors and costs, while increasing agility in business operations. MDM aligns various business processes with organizational goals, supports analytics, and transforms data into a valuable asset that drives growth and innovation. It’s a crucial aspect of modern business that fosters alignment and efficiency across the organization.

What are the key components of an effective MDM strategy?

The key components of an effective MDM strategy with ICM America include a precise alignment of processes and tools, robust governance, clear policies and standards, mindful environmental impact considerations, and a focus on integrating data management with overall business objectives. This holistic approach ensures master data becomes a strategic asset, fostering growth, efficiency, and innovation.

How can you implement a Master Data Management Strategy?

Implementing a master data management (MDM) strategy with ICM America transforms data into a strategic asset that propels business success. By enhancing efficiency and providing valuable insights, our tailored approach ensures alignment with your unique goals.

Leverage ICM's Spider Web Scorecard for MDM Assessment

At ICM America, our extensive domain expertise has led to the creation of the ICM Spider Web Scorecard, a specialized tool designed to evaluate your organization’s position in its master data management (MDM) journey.

Assessment that serves as the foundation for crafting or refining your MDM strategy. By identifying opportunities for targeted enhancements in areas including process-driving and non-process-driving master data, reference data, and structural master data, we enable your business to become more agile, flexible, and responsive to shifts in the business and regulatory landscape. Our tailored approach ensures that your MDM strategy aligns perfectly with your unique needs and objectives, setting the stage for success.

Master Data Management Execution

Transform Master Data into a Strategic Asset

ICM America’s approach to master data management (MDM) is built on decades of experience and a 360° perspective that encompasses the four core areas of MDM: Data governance, data cleansing, data storage, and data distribution. Our ERP consultants will evaluate your current standing in your master data management journey, then craft a personalized solution that employs the latest innovation in automation, archiving, storage, and migration technologies.

Our approach to data migration ensures that you only migrate the essential data to your target system environment. By consolidating all historical information in an accessible format on an external platform, you can phase out legacy applications and notably diminish your operating costs and data footprint.

Enhance your SAP or ERP investments with ICM America. Trust us to guide your master data management journey, transforming data into a strategic asset that drives success.

Data governance

Determine who controls, monitors, and enters data at all levels of your organization. Define access, authorizations, KPIs, and ownership.

Data cleansing

Cleanse existing data by eliminating errors and duplicates, checking for completeness and accuracy. Enable ongoing cleansing in your live system.

Data storage

Optimize data storage across the organization according to your system landscape: central reference system, multiple systems, or single/ duplicate ownership.

Data distribution

Send the right information to the right people within your organization by establishing distribution mechanisms to publish, pull, or push the data.

Tailored MDM Strategies for Proven Success

Embrace a customized approach to Master Data Management with ICM America. Our tailored solutions align with your specific needs, delivering tangible benefits in data governance, cleansing, storage, and distribution. Join the ranks of companies that have experienced quantifiable success with our strategies.

Solutions for Data Quality and Efficiency

Benefit from ICM America’s comprehensive approach to data quality and efficiency. Our streamlined processes for data archiving, retrieval, and maintenance provide quick access to vital information, accelerating decision-making. Enhanced data quality through cleansing and optimization reduces errors, driving business efficiency.

Robust Security and Compliance Measures

With ICM America, your data’s security and accessibility are uncompromised. We provide robust solutions that ensure compliance with legal retention and data protection laws such as GDPR and PIPEDA. Reduce your data footprint with our archiving methods, keeping your system lean and efficient.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your data and streamline your system landscape? Let us guide you through a tailored MDM strategy that aligns with your unique needs.