SAP Roll-out

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Canada, LTD

The Mission

Konica Minolta chose ICM America as their Implementation Partner to successfully roll-out SAP to Canada

Services Delivered

  • Project planning and execution according to ASAP Methodology
  • Change Management
  • Developed and delivered a GAP Analysis
  • Facilitated Unit testing, User Testing, and Module Testing
  • Configured and documented new org structure
  • Supported data migration and cleansing
  • Training of Super-Users
  • Post go live Help Desk Support
  • Established programming standards so that future development could accommodate different currencies, country codes, and language

Project Details

  • Modules:
    • SM, MM, SD, FICO, CS
  • Project duration - 14 months
  • Team Composition:
    • 6 functional consultants
    • 4 technical consultants
    • 2 OCM consultants
    • 1 Project Manager

The ICM America Difference

The challenge for the KMBS and ICM America team was the complexity of their sales agreements, which involved the seller, buyer, third party leasing firm, and 2 third party service firms. ICM America’s team brought a high level of expertise and experience that was quickly recognized and valued.


  • On time
  • On budget
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Service calls were reduced by 15% as a result operational efficiencies


Success Story