B.Braun Upgrade and Migration

In a global project, B.Braun consolidated their SAP System Landscape to one platform, supported at their German headquarters.
All of the original systems were retired, except the main customer facing system containing all historic sales transactions. This had to be kept due to FDA and product warranty requirements. But the system was on an old platform and release level, and was running out of warranty on several of its components:


  • The Hardware had to be relocated from a hosted environment in Kentucky to the data center in Germany
  • For the original Informix database, a direct conversion from the original 3.1H environment to the latest Oracle environment chosen was not possible.

Four Step Approach

  • Upgrading the SAP Release and the AIX Operating system to a higher version that would allow a database migration into the latest Oracle release
  • Database Migration from Informix to Oracle, with the required DB unload reload
  • Unload of the database and shipment of the tapes and the system to Germany
  • Installation of the System in Germany and reload of the database.

Resolved Issues

The USP system had too many TABART entries for SAP’s upgrade program to handle and then to size the Oracle DB, so these programs had to be adopted.
Delays and wrong versions of development kits and Patches, etc.


In spite of all these problems, the project was finished in a very reasonable timeframe.

We were very happy with our partner, ICM America, in the project. They were supporting us every step of the way and brought the expertise needed to the table to finish this complex project successfully. Their experts are highly qualified and are very skilled in analyzing the root causes of problems and delivering solutions. They not only showed great flexibility to adopt to delays and upcoming problems, but went the extra mile to make us successful.
They also honored their fixed price, even though the amount of unforeseen problems was significantly higher and more complex than expected.
We have engaged them in many opportunities since then and can only highly recommend their service.

Gary Fenicle, SAP Director


Success Story