Thought Leadership

ICM America's 15+ years of experience in SAP have brought us many insights. We invite you to partake of this experience through our White Papers below.

  • Enterprise Data Management White Paper
    Read ICM's vision and philosophy regarding Enterprise Data Management, and our 360º philosophy.
  • Sample Archiving Assessment
    As part of a our Archiving and Data Services, ICM conducts a review and assesment of our client's current and future states. Read an example of this kind of assessment to see what you can expect.
  • Business Warehouse White Paper
    As your business gathers ever increasing amounts of Data having the tools to analyse and segment that data takes on a new urgency. Learn how ICM tackles this challenge.
  • Continuous Business Improvement
    Learn more about how Continuous Business Improvement (CBI) increases the ROI from your SAP investment.

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