Unlocking Business Success Through Effective PMO

Discover the power of Project Management Office (PMO) in transforming your ERP projects and IT landscape.

Discover the power of Project Management Office (PMO) in transforming your SAP & Epicor projects within your IT landscape. As a strategic approach, Program Management in PMO effectively coordinates multiple interrelated projects, streamlining the implementation process and maximizing the return on your IT investments.

While Project Management deals with single projects, their goals, deadlines, and resources, Program Management handles several connected projects, aiming for a shared strategic purpose. Whereas Project Managers tackle everyday tasks, Program Managers coordinate resources and maintain alignment across projects. Both roles collaborate to successfully complete projects and achieve wider organizational goals.

At ICM America, we focus on Program Management in PMO to ensure project success. Our experts coordinate related projects, aligning them with goals and using best practices to optimize resources and maximize ROI. This approach results in effective ERP implementations and IT solutions that drive client growth.

Why ICM America Prioritizes Program Management in IT Projects

At ICM America, we prioritize Program Management in IT projects due to its strategic approach in managing multiple interconnected projects. This focus helps us ensure IT projects align with overarching business goals, optimizing resource allocation and risk management. By emphasizing Program Management, we streamline project delivery, driving efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and success for our clients’ IT endeavors.

When you engage ICM America for Program Management, you combine ICM’s successful process-based Methodology with the expertise of your chosen implementor. We work collaboratively with the Implementor, including Epicor Professional Services, SAP Service and Support, or your preferred experts, to deliver high-value implementations and upgrades that serves your needs, timeline, and budget. 

Principles of Core Our Program Management Strategy

Our core principles are designed to streamline your projects and optimize your IT landscape. ICM America’s Program Management strategy focuses on crucial factors for project success:

Budget control

Monitoring expenses to stay on budget.

Clear planning

Using a “Plan on a page” method for easy-to-follow plans.


Coordinating teams for seamless execution.

Timely goals

Meeting milestones and deadlines effectively.


Streamlining admin tasks for better efficiency.

Resource use

Maximizing human resources for excellent results.

By embracing these principles, we ensure IT projects consistently exceed client expectations.

Why is Lean Management Integral to Program Management?

At ICM America, we utilize a Lean Management approach in Program Management that prioritizes efficiency, flexibility, and continuous improvement. It helps to ensure that PMO is executed productively.

Lean Management is a crucial aspect of Program Management that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of IT projects. It involves identifying and eliminating waste in resources, time, and effort to streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase value for clients. Implementing Lean Management principles ensures that Program Management strategies are focused on efficiency, flexibility, and continuous improvement. By prioritizing customer value, streamlining processes, empowering employees, improving continuously, and responding quickly to change, IT projects can be delivered seamlessly and cost-effectively. The Lean approach optimizes Program Management strategies for long-term success, allowing organizations to achieve their business objectives and drive growth.

Guiding through Program Management by Utilizing The 4 Lean Pillars

By detecting and removing unnecessary waste in resources, time, and effort, our Lean strategy optimizes projects to deliver maximum value for our clients. 

We integrate Lean Management by:

Focusing on customer value

Delivering solutions that directly address our clients’ needs and priorities.

Streamlining processes

Identifying inefficiencies and implementing improvements for seamless project execution. 

Continuous improvement

Regularly reviewing and refining processes to maintain the highest quality standards.

Rapid response to change

Adapting quickly and effectively to evolving project requirements and market conditions.
By integrating Lean Management principles into our Program Management methodology, we ensure that IT projects are delivered efficiently and effectively, ultimately helping our clients achieve their strategic objectives and drive business growth.

Enhancing Program Management Effectiveness with the RACI Matrix

Effective management of programs is essential to achieve organizational success. Tools can be implemented to accomplish this goal. As responsibilities along the organization need to be fixed and assigned, the RACI Matrix helps us to define roles and duties along the line. The RACI Matrix is a key tool in Program Management for defining roles and ensuring clear communication and teamwork. RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed, representing different levels of project involvement:


Those performing the work or task.


The person responsible for task completion and approving the work.


Experts providing input and feedback during the task.


People updated on progress but not actively involved.

Using the RACI Matrix helps streamline communication, reduce confusion, and clarify roles in the program. This approach promotes accountability, collaboration, and coordination, leading to successful project outcomes. At ICM America we use the RACI Matrix to clarify roles and improve communication, ensuring smooth teamwork in our projects. Another vital aspect of Program Management is Turnaround Management. Turnaround Management is crucial in Program Management as it quickly tackles underperforming projects. This approach improves overall performance and ensures timely delivery, maximizing IT investments.

How Turnaround Management helps to achieve the desired outcome

Rapid response to change is ensured by effective Turnaround Management, which is a vital aspect of Program Management. It involves assigning a new management team to optimize project performance and overcome structural issues such as missed deadlines or resource bottlenecks. ICM’s Program Management works to identify and resolve these issues to ensure project success.
Partner with ICM America for Program Management solutions, tailored to your unique business needs, and experience the difference in achieving exceptional results and organizational success.